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Need Help Joining The Server?
Welcome to PokeMC!
If you have not managed to get on to the server yet and are not sure how, click here for a complete mod install and tutorial!
PokeMC Pixelmon Server
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Official news and announcements.
76 3512
By Selkiegal Jun 6, 18
Community Discussions
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Discuss anything about PokeMC's Server here!
966 5943
By Bappre Jun 27, 18
Official server events will be posted here, also players can make their own events and post them here too!
298 3133
By Anonymous1 Mar 6, 18
Got any items or Pokemon you want to trade? Why not post here to look for potential buyers/sellers!
55 201
By PringLays Oct 15, 17
Have a land and build you want to sell? Auction it here! All official server auctions will also be posted here
68 664
By Le_Spyro o Jan 19, 17
Let us know ways to improve the server, website, events etc, and your ideas to make it better! Polls for possible future changes can be found here.
218 1171
By Oscar_Watson Feb 13, 18
Looking for help with something that you can't find the answer to?
Ask here!
229 999
By Chillsinabox May 30, 18
Your Pokemon or items have glitched/disappeared? Post here to get them back!
1020 2923
By quankruger Dec 21, 17
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Want to contribute more to the server and help take care of the community? Apply for Moderator!
Want to participate in supporting the community? Apply here!
Think you have what it takes to take down countless trainers in tough battles? Become a Gym Leader for the Official Server Gyms!
Want to develop for PokeMC? Apply here!
Enjoy building in Minecraft? Liked our custom Kanto map and want to contribute to our next project? Become a Build Team member for the server!
10 10
By zemyzemph Apr 16, 18
Like to make videos or stream as you play? Become a Youtuber / Streamer for the Server!
28 46
By chunkyjman Oct 21, 17
This is a forum for player run gyms outside of spawn. Create a thread to get your Unofficial Gym noticed! The best ones will get added to the custom gym plugin!
5 15
By CreativeSurviv0r Feb 13, 17
This is a forum for player run shops outside of spawn. Create a thread to get your Player Shop noticed!
30 82
By Riolu_11 Nov 12, 17
This is a forum showing the many wonders of player run towns outside of spawn. Create a thread to get your Player Town noticed!
4 10
By LordMareron May 23, 17
All old and outdated applications (completed or rejected) refunds are moved here
1122 3619
By YOLOSteven Feb 26, 16
Reporting & Ban Appeals
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Got banned? Want another chance on our servers, or think the ban was wrong? Post your appeal here.
Witnessed a player breaking server rules? Or have they done something to upset you? You can report them here!
Witnessed a staff member breaking server rules? Or they have done something to upset you? You can report them here!
Off Topic
Forum Threads Posts Latest Posts
Discuss anything that is off topic and wouldn't fit into any of the other forums here!
197 1317
By kaenhousha Jun 16, 18
3 Word Story? Ruin a Wish? Rate The Person Above You?
All forum games go here!
53 4982
By MidnightUmbreon Oct 17, 17
Exchange friend codes and trade pokemon through the games!
43 573
By Willow_Song Jul 20, 17
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