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Development Poll

Pljz a posted 11 hours ago

PokéMC is about to break new ground, and we want your input!
We've always striven to keep things new and fresh around the server; so in an effort to continue that, upper staff came up with a list of things we believe the community would enjoy. Please leave a vote in the thread linked below to help decide what you would like to see come to the server next!

The thread may be found here: Link!

Happy Fathers Day

LordMareron o posted Sun at 12:21

PokeMC wishes everyone a Happy Fathers Day.

To celebrate we're having a Sale on our Store that gives 25% off of the Vote Point Packages!

Monthly Top Voters - May

Second Place 201 Votes
A Shiny Random Pokemon
1000 Voting Points
$25,000 PokeCoins
First Place 194 Votes
A Shiny Random Pokemon
800 Voting Points
$20,000 PokeCoins
Third Place 188 Votes
A Shiny Random Pokemon
600 Voting Points
$15,000 PokeCoins
Forth Place 186 Votes
A Shiny Random Pokemon
400 Voting Points
$10,000 PokeCoins
Fifth Place 179 Votes
A Shiny Random Pokemon
200 Voting Points
$5,000 PokeCoins

Congratulations to our winners!

Please contact a Manager to receive your Shiny Pokemon! (Managers are LordMareron, Pljz, OrdoSkirata, Kyrais, Anonymous1 and Le_Spyro - click on their name to see their profile and click 'Message').

The votes on the top sites have been reset. We encourage you to vote for us at this moment.

You can spend your points at www.pokemc.com/store

Please don't forget to write us some reviews at www.pokemc.com/freerank and receive a free Donation Rank worth $5.00 and a Random Shiny Pokemon worth $10.00!

Please claim your prize before the end of the month, you will not be able to claim once the next Monthly Top Voters is announced.

Thank you for your support, every vote counts!

May's Build Contest

Le_Spyro o
Le_Spyro @ Kanto 1.10.2
posted May 5, 17

Monthly Build contests are back, this time with themes that will change per month! For those that aren’t familiar, these contests are ran to show off community builds on the server, and offer big prizes to those that win!

This month's theme is: Pirates.

Post your entries on the main thread found in the event section of the forums.

This event will end on 31/05/2017. Winners will be announced a couple days later!

Have any questions about the event? Post below!

_buerge_ Really Fun server recommend to anyone who just started mine craft and just wants to have fun really fun once again peace...

May's Drawing Contest

Le_Spyro o
Le_Spyro @ Kanto 1.10.2
posted May 5, 17

Hello everyone, and welcome to our new monthly Drawing Contest.

I would like to invite you, the fabulously creative people to take part in our new drawing contest. The theme is Pokemon Villainous Teams (Rocket, Magma, Aqua, Galactic, Plasma, Flare and SkullYou can draw anything that is related to PokeMC, Pokemon or Pixelmon in general. So whether its a drawing of your favorite team or Pokemon, or even a special moment that happened to you on the server, send it our way! You could win some great prizes!

Style of drawing:

You can use any style of drawing you want. You can draw exact copies, or make them realistic. The submissions can be hand drawn or digital, but must be new and drawn specifically for this contest, not work you have done before. However, plagiarism will not be tolerated.

PS #1: You have till Wednesday, May 31st to submit your entries. Anything after that date will not be considered.
PS #2: Post your entries in the comments below.
PS #3: Only one entry per person.

Post your entries on the main thread, found in the events section of the forums.

_buerge_ Really Fun server recommend to anyone who just started mine craft and just wants to have fun really fun once again peace...