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Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Pljz a posted Mar 17, 17

Happy Saint Patrick's Day, from the PokéMC family to you! For the rest of today(the 17th), the Vote Points are 25% off on our store!

Along with that, we've released a brand new LootCrate, which is currently available at /warp LC! Get them while they last!

We hope you have a very lucky day!

First Place
A Shiny Random Pokemon
1000 Voting Points
$25,000 PokeCoins

Congratulations to our winner!

Due to some technical Difficulties we only have one Top Voter for February, but we'll get that Issue fixed for the March Top Voter. We apologize for the inconvenience caused,

Please contact a Manager or Admin to receive your Shiny Pokemon! (Managers are Le_Spyro, Anonymous1 and LouLou_8888 Admins are PljzLordMareron and OrdoSkirata - click on their name to see their profile and click 'Message').

The votes on the top sites have been reset. We encourage you to vote for us at this moment.

You can spend your points at www.pokemc.com/store

Please don't forget to write us some reviews at www.pokemc.com/freerank and receive a free Donation Rank worth $5.00 and a Random Shiny Pokemon worth $10.00!

Please claim your prize before the end of the month, you will not be able to claim once the next Monthly Top Voters is announced.

Thank you for your support, every vote counts!

Management Changes

sawine a posted Feb 23, 17

Hello everyone,


It has been a while since I posted around here. I haven’t been active on the server but I’ve been watching everything from the back seat.


As you probably know, PokeMC is owned and managed by Eximius Gaming. It was originally founded by myself and DanniDorrito in 2013. In 2015 we stepped back from our management roles and passed the task onto Kumagetsu.


After multiple reconsiderations, we recently decided to make some changes in the way the server is administered. Instead of having a single person ranked as an Owner, we will now have multiple people act as managers / server administrators.


The intricate details of this new management change are still being arranged at this moment. Another news post will follow shortly to let you know in a more detailed fashion how things are going to change.


Rest assured, this change is for the better and we hope to bring fresh ideas and a breeze of renewal to the server.


Current staff and donor ranks will remain unaffected.


I would also like to take this opportunity to publicly thank Kumagetsu for his involvment on the server in the past years.


A forum thread will be made for you to submit any ideas, questions, concerns and suggestions about the incoming changes. More info about this will be in the following news post.


Best regards,


Edit: You can find the feedback thread over here

Join in the monthly tournament where the best of the best in PokeMC go head to head, competing for the title of Champion!

The Champion of PokeMC, will receive perks for the month, until the next person is declared Champion!  Are you prepared for the challenge?


  1. You must bring six(6) Pokemon all level 100.
  2. Only two(2) Legendaries allowed.
  3. No glitching or using glitched moves.
  4. No potion/revive items.
  5. Must register the pokemon before the tournament starts.
  6. Must use the same team throughout the tournament.


  • First Place - Random Shiny, 1500 Vote Points, 50,000 PokeDollars, 1 Master Ball
  • Second Place - Random Shiny, 1000 Vote Points, 50,000 PokeDollars
  • Third Place - Random Shiny, 500 Vote Points
  • Fourth Place - Random Shiny


  • First Place - TBA
  • Second Place - TBA
  • Third Place - TBA
  • Fourth  Place - TBA


The tournament will start at the end of each month, on the last Saturday at 3 PM EST/EDT!

If you want to participate please post a comment below.

Rules and Prizes are subject to change. Good luck participants!

Pljz a This is canceled for this month. We will resume Championship tournaments in the following month.
Dobby15243 The House-Elf is in! Third time lucky I suppose XD
Fairy_tail_flame Nicknames allowed?


February's Capture Contests have been released!

The event will finish once all the prizes are claimed or 11:59pm EST February 28th, which ever comes first.

Once you have posted you MUST submit the Pokemon to a manager in exchange for the prize (AKA trade the pokemon away for a prize).


A SHINY Smoochum, Beautifly or Volbeat!!!

x1 Master Ball
300 Voting Points
$10,000 Pokecoins

Limit of 1 win per player.


  • Please post screenshot proof of the Pokemon on the thread (Must show stats!).
    • The screenshot also must be legible or it will not be accepted.
  • You must be able to see the ball it's captured in and the gender
  • You MUST be the Original Trainer!
  • First 5 trainers to do so will win the prizes.