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The title is correct.

We have fixed a few issues recently which were caused by SpongeForge updates:

  • Fixed Safari
  • Fixed /warp ev
  • Fixed random teleport
  • Fixed other teleporting bugs
  • Fixed a timing bug
  • Fixed server countdown stop
  • Fixed Battle Queue
  • Fixed worldborder not saving by manually forcing worldborder on each dimension
  • FIXED KEEPINVENTORY (A LONG TIME AWAITED FIX! Thanks to a recent SpongeForge update)
  • and more...

Enjoy the recent updates including server lag being reduced!

DaveSkillz1 Popo Spam battles is all i see thanks for the fix xD
3spoopy6me Wewt!
popo4456 Oh well, back to me constantly asking people to battle then

Here's a short list of the recent updates:


Updated for latest SpongeForge changes


Fixed: HiddenAbility not setting abilitySlot

Fixed: "Your Party is Full" from recent update

Added: Shiny/Legendary Pokemon are announced when added


Changed AfK Coordinates to /warp afk


After the recent poll we have now established a few changes for the Legendary Hunt.

The Legendary Hunt will now take place each Saturday at 12PM EST and Sunday 4PM EST.

On Each day there will be 4 Random Legendarys spawned

You may only catch one Legendary per Week.

The Rules apply from now on, depending on how the new Legendary Hunts go further changes might follow.

Server Updates

KumaGetsu a posted May 23, 16

The following is a list of recent updates!


  • Fixes worldborder not saving on restart


  • Muted players can no longer use /me and /say


  • Added Dragon Egg protection
  • Added Fence Gate protection
  • Added Armor Stand protection
  • Added Trap Door protection
  • Added Cake protection
  • Added command /lastseen (Shows when a player was last online)


  • Fixed single letter not displaying in chat channels
  • Color formatting was fixed


  • New deny command regions were setup at /warp event (Enables more mini-games)
  • Adjusted deny command region at /warp ev (You can now teleport at the entrance)
GhostBlink Praise be cake protection! :'D

Hey Everyone sorry for the long delay,

As our server grows, so does the amazing creations within it! The server build event was a success, huge thank you to everyone who participated! There were many runner-ups but only the top 3 will be listed. Here are the winners!

First Place Winner


Kanto Region, 2384 78 -2525

First Place Prize:

1000 Vote Points to spend on anything you want in the Vote Store

x1 Master Ball

x64 Ultra Balls

x16 Hyper Potions

x64 Rare Candy

$25,000 PokeCoins

Second Place Winner

Kanto Region, -672 102 -3851

Second Place Prize:

500 Vote Points to spend on anything you want in the Vote Store

x1 Master Ball

x64 Great Balls

x16 Super Potions

x32 Rare Candy

$10,000 PokeCoins

Third Place Winner


Kanto, 631 48 -3072

Third Place Prize:

250 Vote Points to spend on anything you want in the Vote Store

x1 Master Ball

x64 Poke Balls

x16 Potions

x16 Rare Candy

$5,000 PokeCoins

Congratulations to our winners!

Another building event will be posted in the near future, looking forward to seeing more amazing buildings! Please check out all upcoming events here!

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